UPDATE: Collingwood's first refugee family has arrived!

Welcome to the Collingwood Syrian Family Sponsorship Fund


05.06.2016 – The Collingwood Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Committee is very pleased to announce the arrival of Collingwood's first Syrian family.

Collingwood's first family of newcomers from Syria arrived on June 1st. Needless to say they were exhausted after a very long journey and the effects of the many emotions they were experiencing upon arriving in Canada. The Welcoming committee had everything well planned and in hand as they greeted the family at the airport, along with our volunteer translators.

Over the next few days and weeks, the family members will become more accustomed to their new home, the surroundings and the community. There is a great deal for them to learn and experience in the days and weeks ahead. Although still somewhat overwhelmed by all they are encountering–all new and different, they are thrilled and very thankful to be here, safe and secure, and for the wonderful generosity they are experiencing every day.

Co-Chairs, Tara Bailey and Thom Vincent, expressed with great enthusiasm, “We would like to take this opportunity to thank the extremely generous support of the community. Collingwood and area continue to amaze all of us involved, with the warm generosity that our residents display. We’ve raised more than $90,000 since the beginning of this humanitarian effort in late September. As well, we sourced housing, furniture, transportation volunteers, ESL volunteers (English as a Second Language), a welcoming committee and people willing to assist in any way we might require. It could not have been accomplished without each and every person giving from the heart”.

The committee joined forces with Trinity United Church, All Saints Anglican Church as well as the First Presbyterian church and numerous community groups and the support has been described as nothing short of astounding.


An income tax receipt will be issued for your donation

  • 1. Subsidize travel costs to Toronto and Collingwood
  • 2. Subsidize appropriate housing in Collingwood
  • 3. Provide food for the family
  • 4. Transportation as required
  • 5. Counselling as needed regarding community orientation
  • 6. English tutoring as needed
  • 7. Assistance with pre-school or daycare as needed
  • 8. Provide assistance with public schools as needed

Our Syrian Sponsorship Committee has access to many resources that will help reduce some of the above costs. If you are able to donate household or personal items such as furniture, bedding, toys, etc. visit the Contacts Page on this site to learn about the Sharing Registry.




The Syrian Crisis Explained...


Your donation to The Syrian Family Sponsorship Fund will be routed through a special donation page provided by our partnering organization, Elephant Thoughts Educational Outreach.

Elephant Thoughts is a locally-based, international charity celebrated for its award-winning educational and humanitarian work across Canada and around the world.

Elephant Thoughts' generous support of this project enables us to provide you with an income tax receipt for donations of $20 or more.

Thank you to Elephant Thoughts...and, thank You!



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